Mama bear and cubs get stuck in dude’s house

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This home intruder isn’t your typical cat burglar.

Rodney Ginn came home from work to find that both doors to his place were open. After he shut them, he popped into the kitchen and found two bear cubs chilling in the common space. Ginn dashed upstairs before a confrontation and was able to record the baby bears strolling on up the stairs. Oh, and turns out their mommy wasn’t far behind.

With the abrupt end to the video, you’d think that Ginn became dinner for this family of carnivores. But we’re safely assuming that he made it out of the situation since the video has made it to the internet. 

The best part? Ginn’s roommate thought all the commotion was just him making a late-night snack. 

H/T Arbroath 

Gabe Bergado

Gabe Bergado

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