The baby lion practicing his very first roar is a-roar-able

Honestly, this is not just a story about a lion learning to roar. Because as I was working on this, I came across an even better big cat making noises video. That’s right. You are about to get a two-for-one. A lion followed by… are you ready for it… CHEETAH.

Here’s a baby lion, learning to roar. It’s incredibly cute.

That’s great, right? Here, if you need, is a link to “I Just Can’t Wait to be King,” from the Lion King, because this little guy is basically Simba.

We could stop there, and you’d have your daily dose of cuteness. But here’s the even better thing I came across. Cheetahs don’t roar. Unlike lions, cheetahs meow.

That’s right. Meow.


David Covucci

David Covucci

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