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So that’s what that look was about.

Maybe you find babies cute. Maybe you find them disgusting. But here’s some definitive, hilarious proof that they’re usually both at once.

“We tried to record our sweet baby daughter smiling…” reads the description of a short YouTube clip featuring little Harlow, who fidgets and gurgles in her mom’s lap. “Smile for me?” mom asks, tickling her girl’s puffy cheeks. “Can you smile?”

Almost, but not quite. Just as we reach the cusp of a genuine grin, Harlow realizes there are more pressing matters at hand, and she reverts to a suitably serious expression. I hesitate to use the word “epic,” but what happens next is the stuff of family legend.  

You know, I don’t think we need high-tech sensors in diapers after all?

Photo by Sellers Patton/Flickr

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