Experience unbridled joy as you watch this baby elephant take a bath

It’s difficult to top the cuteness of a baby elephant blowing bubbles in a kiddie pool with it’s trunk. This pint-sized pachyderm frolicking in one of his first baths managed to do it. 

Nicknamed “Double Trouble” by tourists, this miniature mammal was captured on video getting a bath by Danish tourist Claus Jorgensen. So overwhelmed by excitement at the sight of water, the small animal tripped on the edge of the tub and ended up diving in head first. 

But the minor mishap didn’t do much to deter this elephant’s elation. Instead of sulking off, the little guy decided to take a few more rolls in the water, hopping in and out before attempting to take the hose and make a break for it. 

As a resident of Thailand’s Royal Elephant Kraal and Village, this little guy and his fellow pachyderms gets plenty of special treatment from tourists who learn how to care for these gentle creatures during their visit. 

H/T DailyMail | Photo via ekilby/Flickr (CC BY SA 2.0)

Greg Seals

Greg Seals

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