These baby elephants can fix even the worst morning

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Here’s your new favorite go-to site.

When I’m feeling down, I turn to adorable GIFs of animals, and my new favorite destination for this is r/BabyElephantGIFs on Reddit, a subreddit entirely dedicated to animated pictures of, as expected, baby elephants. With contributions by dedicated users who’ve trawled elephant documentaries and videos for the perfect GIFs, it is one of the most fascinating and adorable things on the Internet right now. Here are 10 of its best submissions.

1) “Secret baby elephant handshake”

Via holdenwook

2) “He’s so excited!”

Via holdenwook

3) “Baby elephants are enthusiastic swimmers” 

Via holdenwook

4) “Mom, we have a visitor” 

Via holdenwook

5) “Baby elephant charge”

Via preggit

6) “Pooped”

Via holdenwook

7) “Mom, you’re in the way!”

Via holdenwook

8) “Only one place to go when you get spooked”

Via holdenwook

9) “Dammit Mom, they didn’t set it up for you!”

Via holdenwook

10)  “Let me just…”

Via ani625

Image via J/Flickr

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