crazy baby head

Photo via ECohen/Flickr

You can’t look away.

There’s nothing more pure and beautiful than a smiling baby. That’s why adults are willing to go the extra mile to amuse these little creatures. 

But sometimes they over do it. Then what do they get for their effort? A mouthful of puke, that’s what. And YouTube has the evidence. 

Warning: These videos are pretty fucking gross.

You have to give these people points for good parenting, though—none of them fling the kids across the room in disgust. I’ll bet this lady (at the very least) wanted to punch the dude filming and laughing at her.

Of course, that was pretty mild compared to what happened to this poor uncle.

Even other children are not immune.

On the other hand, dogs seem kind of into it.

It’s OK to be amused by these videos. After all, if we can’t laugh at life’s tragedies, what’s the point? Just try not to overdo it. Yes? No? 


H/T Arbroath  

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