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Here’s why people are giving avocados as Christmas gifts

It’s an avocado! Thaaaaanks.


Marisa Kabas

Internet Culture

One might say that the problem with children is that they don’t understand the value of the avocado. It is the best part of any sandwich, costs an extra $1.50 in a salad, and creates the world’s most perfect dip—guacamole.

But this summer, one little boy gave a whole new meaning to avocado appreciation.

A Vine that shows a boy unwrapping an avocado and saying “An avocado. Thaaaanks!” went massively viral. The sweet little video seemed to perfectly capture a moment we’ve all experienced at some point: having to pretend you love a weird gift you just unwrapped in front of your whole family. 

But unlike many viral moments on the Internet, this one wasn’t instantly forgotten. It seems people decided to put their loved ones to the test this holiday season by gifting an avocado. Would the recipient think it was a weird joke—or the greatest meme-related gift they ever received?

These people got it:

Some people were genuinely bummed that they didn’t receive the gift of ‘cado.

And others just didn’t understand the moving gesture.

We’ll allow an actual avocado to have the final word on this Christmas Day.

Photo via threelayercake/Flickr

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