Well, except for a lone guitar.

Are you so excited for the premiere of the final season of Breaking Bad tonight that don’t know what to do with yourself? Are you just standing there in your Walter White cosplay, mouth agape, watching AMC on mute all day until 9pm ET rolls around? If so, we highly suggest also playing this video on loop in the background, the perfect soundrack to the last few hours of your soul-testing, one-year wait for new Breaking Bad episodes 

It’s the show’s iconic theme played only with instruments you might find in a meth lab—well, except for a weird guest appearance by a frying pan (we’re pretty sure pan-searing was not a part of the Blue Sky manufacturing process) and a guitar. We’ll give Andrew Huang, the YouTube celebrity behind the video, a pass on the former. We could hardly think of a meth lab corrollary to a string instrument. Maybe some plastic tubing pulled taught across a water jug?  

Photo via Andrew Huang/YouTube

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