That’s gonna leave a mark. 

We can’t be sure why the driver in this video did what he did—the YouTube uploader relates a rumor that he discovered his wife was cheating on him—but does it even matter? We’re talking about footage of a dude ramming through the wall of a house with an SUV as its inhabitants look on in horror.

If indeed he was married, we can well imagine a lady wanting to be clear of him at any cost, given his actions here. Initially ramming a parked car in the driveway, he pulls out, spins a muddy donut, and arcs back around the front of the building for a final assault. What did he hope to accomplish? Hard to say, but he was likely channeling his inner Walter White.

Meanwhile, the cameraman, who happened to see the altercation on his way home from work, marvels at the “moron” before him, ultimately fleeing the scene before he becomes a participant in the chaos. Asked on YouTube why he stopped filming when he did, he echoed his narration in the clip: “I had to get out of there.” Good thinking.

Photo via annahill3001/YouTube

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