This grandma’s accidental selfie just won the Olympics

imgur: the simple image sharer

Before you judge, give your own photo gallery a look. 

It’s been called the greatest photo of the Olympic games—yet it involves exactly zero athletes. Here it is:

Accidental Sochi Selfie Grandma.

The original tweet has gone viral, and there are a few remixes out there gaining steam. 

As you can see, she has the camera facing the wrong way, and the screen is displaying her eyeball. Don’t pretend you haven’t been there: We’ve all gone to take that sunset photo to see our own faces staring back at us, an unsettling reminder that we forgot to switch the camera back to front-facing after last night’s selfie sesh.

Don’t believe me?

So before you point fingers at Accidental Sochi Selfie Grandma, give a quick scan through your own smartphone gallery. We are all Accidental Sochi Selfie Grandma at some point. 

H/T Sbnation | Photo via Bryan Wood/Twitter

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