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The 7 best sex positions for checking your phone

Multitask like a pro.


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This article contains explicit material and may be NSFW.

The best part of being in a relationship is having someone to sit with quietly while you’re both on your computers. Why let sex get in the way of that? For all you monogamous, two-plus-year couples, here’s a list of sex positions most conducive to reaching for your phone.

1) Missionary

Above Average

Eye contact is tough. When you find yourself wanting a break from human contact during sex, just reach over to the nightstand with your free arm. This classic position is great if your phone needs to charge.

2) Scissoring

Above Average

Scissoring is perfect for couples who want their faces as far away from each other as possible while having sex. This position allows for plenty of phone privacy. You could even pop on a pair of earbuds for a YouTube video!

3) Doggy Style

Above Average

The recipient is at a disadvantage because the person having sex with them can see what they’re looking at on their phone. However, if you don’t care about privacy, Doggy Style is perfect.

4) The Desk Jockey

Above Average

Why use your phone during sex when you could straight-up be on your computer? The Desk Jockey is the perfect solution for file transfers, unpacking .zip files, or other activities you just can’t do on your phone.

5) 69-ing

Above Average

This one isn’t the easy, but it’s do-able for those who must 69. If you’re having trouble with a touch screen, ask your partner to use their penis as a stylus.

6) Butt-to-Butt

Above Average

This one makes sex harder but being on your phone WAY easier.

7) Across The Room From Each Other, Isolated

Above Average

This isn’t technically “sex,” but who wants that? Yes, there’s another naked human in the room, but there’s also so much porn you could be watching on your phone instead.

Plus, I love having sex, but not as much as I love those little orange Instagram notifications.

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