Largely considered to be the largest social network behind Facebook, Twitter’s micro-blogging platform has become a favorite of everyone from top celebrities and sports figures to businessmen and teenagers hoping to become the next viral star. Twitter’s growth has slowed somewhat in recent years, leading the company to make sweeping changes to the network and associated features.

Devin Nunes is suing Twitter over parody accounts of his mom, cow
He claims an account for his cow damaged his image by calling him an 'udder-ly worthless' criminal.
Even Republicans are angry with the GOP’s anti-Beto tweet
The tweet was criticized by people across the political spectrum.
President Trump calls for government agencies to ‘look into’ ‘Saturday Night Live’
'It’s truly incredible that shows like Saturday Night Live, not funny/no talent, can spend all of their time knocking the same person (me).'
#MyMosque hashtag shows packed mosques in the wake of New Zealand attack
'I want to reclaim a sense of peace in my house of worship. Peace the shooters tried to take from us.'
Tech giants’ woeful policing of hate speech magnified by New Zealand shooting
The companies role in the spread of video of the violent attack is being criticized.
Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit moved fast during the New Zealand shooting. It wasn’t fast enough
The visceral nature of this footage left people appalled at how easy it is to disseminate carnage.
Twitter user says her private 18+ account was suspended for ‘bimbo’ kink tweet
Others also say they have been flagged for kink tweets on private accounts.
Trump now has his own conspiracy about the ‘Fake Melania’ conspiracy
The theory took off again over the weekend.
Jack Dorsey plugs appearance on podcast of anti-vaxxer
Jack Dorsey is making the podcast rounds.
The MoonPie Twitter account is giving names to people’s cats
Spoiler alert: They're not all just named MoonPie.
Felicity Huffman’s tweet about back-to-school ‘hacks’ did not age well
Federal prosecutors allege they paid bribes so that their children could get into top U.S. schools.
Twitter rolls out prototype app ‘twttr’ to let users test new features
It's supposed to give people more say on the social media platform.
Tim Cook trolls Trump with name change on Twitter
He's really committing to this joke.
James Woods fuels ‘Captain Marvel’ boycott with ‘Distracted Boyfriend’ meme
The #AlitaChallenge finds a high-profile troll to make its case.
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