Largely considered to be the largest social network behind Facebook, Twitter’s micro-blogging platform has become a favorite of everyone from top celebrities and sports figures to businessmen and teenagers hoping to become the next viral star. Twitter’s growth has slowed somewhat in recent years, leading the company to make sweeping changes to the network and associated features.

White nationalist Jared Taylor can sue Twitter for deleting his account, judge rules
The judge called it a 'classic public interest lawsuit.'
Twitter mercilessly mocks crypto bro’s ‘most successful people I’ve met’ tweet
The key to becoming rich and successful is simpler than you think.
This ‘Wheel of Fortune’ parody account fills in all the blanks
These solved 'Wheel of Fortune' puzzles are what we wish the contestants would say.
Kim Kardashian asks Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for an edit button
We get it, Kim, you're an influencer. 
This Charlie Chaplin clip looks like the Distracted Boyfriend meme
This Charlie Chaplin picture might look familiar.
People are not on board with IHOP’s transition to IHOb
This is what the 'b' stands for?!?
Trump appeals decision that he can’t block people on Twitter
A judge ruled he couldn't block people on Twitter last month.
The internet reacts in horror at the 500th day of Trump’s presidency
'I think I've seen this movie before. 500 Days of Blunder.'
Twitter is retroactively suspending users who signed up when they were underage
It's reportedly looking for a more permanent solution.
Poll: Most Americans wish Trump would cool it with the Twitter fingers
Trump's Twitter feed isn't seen as a good thing.
When scattering grandma’s ashes doesn’t go quite as planned
Scattering grandma's ashes probably shouldn't be this fun.
The worst political tweets of the week: May 19 – May 25
There are a lot of bad political tweets. Here are the worst.
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