green sea turtle

Trump administration drops protections for whales, turtles

The National Marine Fisheries Service’s ruling is one of the administration’s first moves targeting protections for threatened species.

On Jun 15, 2017

police uniform body cam

Body cam data proves cops are nicer to white people in traffic stops

Respect is apparently granted based on race.

On Jun 7, 2017

far cry 5

Petition calls for Far Cry 5 to be more racist

It may be fake or a stunt, but that didn’t stop it from getting traction before it was removed on Tuesday

On May 31, 2017

gender identity : Trans Solidarity Rally

Gender confirmation surgeries shot up 19 percent last year

A new report shows the rise in these procedures is because of better access. Will Trump change that?

On May 23, 2017

African penguins

Zoos turn to crowdfunding to save this adorable penguin species

More than $60,000 has been raised for the endangered birds so far.

On May 21, 2017

Artist's conception of Proxima Centauri B

A planet four light-years away could be habitable

Proxima Centauri B would be a bit chillier than Earth, but capable of supporting liquid water.

On May 19, 2017

pregnant woman sexy strawberries

The weird world of pregnancy porn

From fertility goddess to ‘fat cow,’ the genre shows how conflicted we are about pregnancy.

On May 16, 2017

Donald Trump Surrounding Stressed-Out Woman

People are really sick of co-workers talking about Trump

Many Americans are ready for a Trump-free workplace.

On May 4, 2017

Donald Trump and a Kim Jong un Poster

Is this what preparing for war with North Korea looks like?

Military rhetoric is at an all-time high as Washington escalates tensions with Pyongyang.

On May 2, 2017

Teleocrater rhadinus

Ancient crocodile-like beast has scientists rethinking dinosaur evolution

Fossils from 245 million years ago represent beginning of transition toward earliest dinosaurs.

On Apr 13, 2017 by Sarah Weber

sperm swimming

Is this the male birth control we’ve been waiting for?

Vasalgel works to block sperm and is reversible, too—at least in rabbits.

On Apr 10, 2017

Mars habitation

The 3 things humanity will need to settle Mars

A NASA scientist’s list of crucial innovations for a space economy is small but daunting.

On Apr 5, 2017

teens looking at phone

Teens are using this Tinder-like app—and it’s raising concerns

High schoolers can swipe right on a new friend—but how old are they really?

On Mar 30, 2017

Oregon Mayor Kenneth Barrett

71-year-old mayor swears off social media following teen sex sting bust

‘The bad boy is here,’ he messaged to who he thought was a 14-year-old girl.

On Mar 26, 2017

2D Run drone parkour

This parkour drone film looks just like a classic video game

Temple Run fans need to check this out.

On Mar 24, 2017 by Sarah Weber

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