Walgreens pharmacist refuses to fill customer's prescription because she felt like he didn't need it

‘I just think it’s really way too excessive’: Walgreens pharmacist allegedly refuses to fill customer’s prescription because she felt like he didn’t need it

‘You really don’t need this much.’

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Jon Stewart and Jack Posobiec

‘You’re a f*cking troll’: Jon Stewart blows up at Jack Posobiec over PACT Act

The bill has stalled thanks to Republican opposition.

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Female veteran outside speaking (l) Female Marine on white background (r)

‘Not all GIs are Joes’: Retired Marine calls attention to misogyny she’s faced as a female veteran

‘Legend behavior.’

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man in walmart store yelling (l) walmart store front (m) man with folded arms (r)

‘Vet or not, there’s no excuses for that’: TikToker films alleged veteran berating her and Walmart workers, sparking debate

‘Walmart employees don’t get paid nearly enough to deal with this’

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People take a moment on Veterans Day to remind Trump he called troops killed in action ‘losers’

They’re also remembering the things he said about John McCain.

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Lindsey Graham roasted for turning his back on a veteran

People think it’s not a good look.

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Veterans confront Dan Crenshaw over his support for Trump

This elevator is ‘members only.’

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An active shooter has taken hostages at a veterans home in California, according to reports. 

[UPDATE] Three women, gunman dead after hostage standoff at nation’s largest veterans home

The shooter was a former patient of the veterans’ program.

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U.S. Military service members hold the U.S. flag.

Undocumented wife of Army vet faces deportation—despite policy allowing her stay

The couple has been married since 2001 and have two children.

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Some members of the San Francisco 49ers kneel during the National Anthem before a game against the Washington Redskins at FedEx Field on October 15, 2017 in Landover, Maryland.

NFL rejects veterans group’s Super Bowl ad asking people to stand for national anthem

Game ads have never been the place for a ‘political statement,’ the NFL said.

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NFL Jerseys that side-by-side read 'Lynch' and 'Kaepernick'

Bar owner insists ‘Lynch’ ‘Kaepernick’ NFL jersey doormat isn’t racist

He says the order was unintentional.

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vet kneeling protest trump nfl

97-year-old WWII vet goes viral for taking a knee

‘Those kids have every right to protest.’

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VA Suicide Report

VA suicide report reveals shocking numbers for female veterans

The Department of Veteran Affairs releases shocking findings.

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Flags on veterans day

Veterans are worried Senate Medicaid cuts will strip them of healthcare

The numbers aren’t pretty.

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WW2 veteran Patricia Davies

Transgender World War II veteran lived in the closet for 90 years—now she’s coming out

She knew at a very young age she was a woman, but never felt safe to be herself.

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