RFK Jr.'s critics think they've discovered the cause of his brain worm

RFK Jr.s new diet revelation has people convinced they found the cause of his brain worm

It tracks.

On Jun 13, 2024 by Katherine Huggins

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‘Debate will be a 3-on-1’: Lara Trump, right-wingers already claiming upcoming debates between Trump and Biden will be ‘rigged’

Trump himself, however, seems to have no qualms.

On May 16, 2024 by Katherine Huggins

RFK's campaign leans into brain worm revelation

RFK Jr.’s campaign leans into brain worm revelation, considers ‘uncensored scientific research platform’ on brainworm.com

Kennedy’s VP pick bought two brain worm domains.

On May 13, 2024 by Katherine Huggins

Mike Collins in front of american flag illsutration

‘This is beneath a member of Congress’: Representative Mike Collins makes light of JFK assassination on X

‘You either die a Kennedy with a hole in the brain or live long enough to become a Kennedy with a hole in the brain.’

On May 8, 2024 by Tricia Crimmins

Robert F Kennedy with two worms near head and abstract background

‘Makes a lot of sense’: RFK Jr. said a worm ate part of his brain

Kennedy shared this information during a 2012 deposition.

On May 8, 2024 by Tricia Crimmins

jfk grandson jack schlossberg

‘He’s just in a posting mood’: Who is Jack Schlossberg, President John F. Kennedy’s grandson?

Schlossberg has amassed an online following thanks to his satirical videos on Instagram.

On May 7, 2024 by Tricia Crimmins

Bill Ackman says he's considering RFK Jr. for President

‘Worthy of serious consideration’: Hedge fund billionaire Bill Ackman says he’s considering RFK Jr. for president after dumping Biden

Ackman said he’d spent hours with the anti-vax candidate.

On May 6, 2024 by Marlon Ettinger

High-stakes poker player infamous for Paris Hilton sex tape is the latest celeb to support RFK Jr.

EXCLUSIVE: Rick Salomon, man behind infamous Paris Hilton tape, is an RFK Jr. max donor

It’s the first federal-level contribution that Rick Salomon has ever made.

On Apr 11, 2024 by Katherine Huggins

RFK Jr.'s Public events page on website taken over by trolls

RFK Jr. allowed anyone to add events to his campaign site—trolls flooded it with COVID vax appointments

One fake event also included a reading of his diary.

On Mar 28, 2024 by Mikael Thalen

Nicole Shanahan(l), Joe Biden(r)

‘You lost my vote’: RFK Jr. announces Nicole Shanahan as running mate—both conservative and independent voters are not impressed

“Man, I was rallying for you hard, but you dropped the ball.”

On Mar 26, 2024 by Tricia Crimmins

RFK JR(l), Aaron Rodgers(r)

‘Would the Secret Service gun down pass rushers?’: Aaron Rodgers could be RFK Jr.’s VP and people are losing it

The domain ‘kennedyrodgers.com’ was registered last week.

On Mar 13, 2024 by Katherine Huggins

rfk jr karaoke

‘Interesting choice of location’: RFK Jr. campaign hosts karaoke event across the street from where his dad was shot

‘The day after the California primary?’

On Mar 7, 2024 by Katherine Huggins

Old RFK Jr. tweet congratulating ex-gay man on marriage resurfaces

RFK Jr.’s ‘she ungayed you’ congrats to comedian’s prank marriage resurfaces—thanks to Joe Rogan


On Feb 22, 2024 by Tricia Crimmins

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‘I don’t have all the answers’: RFK Jr. confronted by BLM leader about lack of plan to combat police brutality

RFK Jr.’s forum in Brooklyn had several tense moments.

On Feb 18, 2024 by Tricia Crimmins

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RFK Jr. imitating infamous ‘Kennedy’ ad in Super Bowl spot infuriates family

Despite the apology, the ad remains RFK Jr.’s pinned post on X.

On Feb 12, 2024 by Katherine Huggins

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