Cutting the ethernet cable from a laptop

The slow creep of internet shutdowns

Internet shutdowns are increasingly being used around the world to silence opposition.

On Mar 13, 2018 by Nithin Coca

Internet rights groups are planning to push lawmakers into supporting a resolution that would ignite an attempt to save net neutrality.

Internet activists plan ‘Break the Internet’ protest to save net neutrality

Users are encouraged to make ‘creative posts.’

On Dec 11, 2017 by Andrew Wyrich

Net Neutrality

Internet pioneers point out all the problems with the FCC’s net neutrality repeal

Internet pioneers tell FCC the proposed order is based on a flawed and factually inaccurate understanding of internet technology.

On Dec 11, 2017 by Tess Cagle

The former chairman of the FCC Tom Wheeler said the current plan to kill net neutrality rules an 'abomination' on Wednesday afternoon.

Former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler calls Ajit Pai’s plan to gut net neutrality an ‘abomination’

Wheeler spoke with Sen. Edward Markey (D-Mass.) and Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-Calif.) on Wednesday.

On Dec 6, 2017 by Andrew Wyrich

The FCC voted on Thursday to repeal net neutrality rules.

These 5 people will determine the future of the internet

Meet the three men who might ruin the internet forever—and the two women trying to stop them.

On Dec 5, 2017 by Amrita Khalid

net neutrality protest ads

Major net neutrality protest led to more than 2 million comments submitted to the FCC

More people left comments than during the 2014 Internet Slowdown.

On Jul 13, 2017 by Andrew Wyrich

A list of organizations participating in Internet-Wide Day of Action To Save Net Neutrality

Here are the 170 major internet players taking part in the big net neutrality protest

A lot of websites you visit everyday will be participating

On Jul 8, 2017 by Andrew Wyrich

YouTube/Net Neutrality logo mashup

Over 130 YouTube stars take a stand against the FCC’s net neutrality repeal

The online video creators who signed the letter collectively have more than 165 million subscribers.

On Jul 6, 2017 by Andrew Wyrich

Glitched, decayed FCC logo

FCC is one step closer to overturning net neutrality

Is this the beginning of the end for net neutrality?

On May 18, 2017 by Andrew Couts

Homepage article image

FCC fines Verizon $1.35 million for net-neutrality-violating ‘supercookies’

This kind of tracking violates net neutrality, according to the government.

On Mar 7, 2016 by William Turton

Homepage article image

U.S. agency behind pro-democracy propaganda to launch Internet Freedom Office

The agency that funds encrypted-messaging apps and Tor is doubling down on those efforts.

On Feb 10, 2016 by Eric Geller

Homepage article image

2015 was the last year of the open Web

The fight has just begun.

On Dec 28, 2015 by Gillian Branstetter

Homepage article image

Here’s the FCC’s full legal defense of its net neutrality rules

Ever heard of a little thing called ‘Chevron’ deference? You’re about to.

On Sep 15, 2015 by Eric Geller

Homepage article image

Here’s the legal argument cable companies are using against FCC net neutrality

Is the law on net neutrality’s side?

On Jul 31, 2015 by Eric Geller

Homepage article image

Net neutrality rules survive first legal test, will take effect tomorrow

The rules will take effect as scheduled.

On Jun 11, 2015 by Eric Geller

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