Kirk Cameron speaking at the 2012 CPAC in Washington, D.C.

Actor Kirk Cameron thinks the hurricanes are God punishing us for our sins

This is not ‘mother nature in a bad mood,’ the actor says.

On Sep 8, 2017 by Samantha Grasso

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The best fictional presidents on Netflix

Ask not what your Netflix queue can do for you, but what you can do for your queue.

On Feb 16, 2015 by Joey Keeton

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Diving into the worst-rated movies on IMDb

Enter at your own risk.

On Feb 2, 2015 by [email protected]

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Kirk Cameron’s ‘Saving Christmas’ is now the worst-rated movie on IMDb

It’s a Christmas miracle.

On Dec 6, 2014 by Audra Schroeder

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Kirk Cameron tried to game Rotten Tomatoes and got royally trolled

Cameron urged the Internet to lavish Saving Christmas with praise. Bad idea.

On Nov 24, 2014 by Miles Klee

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The 5 dumbest movies about Internet porn

Hollywood has long struggled to represent pornography in nuanced ways. Here are the worst examples.

On Oct 22, 2014 by Nico Lang

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How faith-based movies are capitalizing on the culture wars

This train isn’t stopping.

On May 1, 2014 by [email protected]

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Facebook is censoring Kirk Cameron, says Kirk Cameron

The former Growing Pains star is convinced he’s at the center of a censorship campaign.

On Jul 19, 2013 by Kevin Morris

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Kirk Cameron continues to enrage Twitter

The ’80s celebrity has drawn the ire of Hollywood heavies and others with his anti-gay commentary.

On Mar 6, 2012 by Jennifer Abel

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