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The directors of ‘The Lego Movie’ are turning Serial into a TV show

Could this be good? We're hopeful.

On Oct 1, 2015 by Joey Keeton

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The war on female voices is just another way of telling women to shut up

If a woman is talking, she must be doing something wrong.

On Jul 24, 2015 by Amanda Marcotte

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‘Serial’ makes podcast history by winning a Peabody

Move over, TV and radio; award-worthy podcasts have arrived.

On Apr 20, 2015 by Nayomi Reghay

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Introducing WorkHarder: The non-fundraising alternative to Kickstarter

A newfangled site promotes old-fashioned enterprise.

On Nov 19, 2014 by Miles Klee

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‘This American Life’ debuts its new investigative podcast, ‘Serial’

The debut season explores a 1999 murder. 

On Oct 4, 2014 by Audra Schroeder

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The complete guide to hating Shakespeare

Is Shakespeare unrelatable and out of date? Some people seem to think so.

On Aug 1, 2014 by S.E. Smith

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Everything you ever wanted to know about getting your penis removed

Also in today's Reddit digest: Ira Glass hosts an AMA and how to make your own hot sauce.

On Nov 20, 2012 by Kevin Morris

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Gawker banned from major Reddit forums

Gawker writer Adrian Chen's upcoming piece, which is rumored to reveal the real identity of a controversial redditor, has caused a furious uproar on the site.

On Oct 11, 2012 by Kevin Morris

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NPR’s Ira Glass tells Reddit what makes a great interview

Glass has produced NPR's This American Life for 17 years, and recently co-wrote the movie Sleepwalk With Me with comedian Mike Birbiglia.

On Oct 10, 2012 by Kevin Collier

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The best unused “This American Life” pitches

Thanks to comedian Patton Oswalt, the #ThisAmericanLifeStories hashtag started to gain steam Tuesday on Twitter with some bizarre pitches. 

On Jul 10, 2012 by Jordan Valinsky