serena williams woman of the year

‘GQ’ under fire for putting ‘woman’ in quotation marks in regards to Serena Williams

The magazine has a reason, but many still feel it's a weird decision.

On Nov 13, 2018 by Samantha Grasso

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Let a ‘drunk’ Chris Pratt teach you the ways of acting

Wondering how to act like a dinosaur is attacking you? Drunk Chris Pratt is here to help.

On May 21, 2015 by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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Why ‘Duck Dynasty’ star Phil Robertson is receiving a First Amendment award

Nobody deserves this more than the gay-bashing, Jesus-loving star of A&E's 'Duck Dynasty.'

On Feb 18, 2015 by Miles Klee

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Newspapers are still essential for social media

Don't abandon print publications just yet; they look great on Instagram.

On May 15, 2014 by Nimrod Kamer

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No, Anthony Weiner, the Internet didn’t tank your campaign

When is a sexting scandal not a sexting scandal? When it happens to Anthony Weiner.

On Oct 17, 2013 by Aja Romano

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One Direction fans are right to be outraged by GQ

When a magazine treats you like oozing sexual garbage, profanity is an absolutely valid response.

On Jul 31, 2013 by Aja Romano

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It’s One Directioners vs. GQ, and no one wins

The hyperbolic utterance of death threats seems to have become, for better or worse, a normal part of Directioners' language.

On Jul 30, 2013 by Aja Romano

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt uses Tumblr to correct GQ article

The actor took issue with the way the magazine addressed the 2010 death of his brother, Dan, so he set the record straight on his personal Tumblr.

On Jul 18, 2012 by Jordan Valinsky