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Let a ‘drunk’ Chris Pratt teach you the ways of acting

Wondering how to act like a dinosaur is attacking you? Drunk Chris Pratt is here to help.


Gavia Baker-Whitelaw


The Jurassic World press tour is a gift. Yesterday we saw Chris Pratt showing off his stunts on set, and today we get a master class in acting from a behind-the-scenes video of a GQ photoshoot. But Pratt isn’t discussing just any form of acting—he’s explaining drunk acting.

After knocking back several shots of Fireball Whisky—okay, the product placement in this video is pretty blatant, but we’ll let it slide—Chris Pratt launches into a tutorial on how to pretend a dinosaur is attacking you, how to pretend you don’t have weed in your glove box when you get pulled over by a cop, and much more. It’s important stuff, and Pratt is the perfect messenger.

First Guardians of the Galaxy, now drunk dinosaur acting. Chris Pratt has the best career.

Screengrab via GQ Magazine/YouTube

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