How to 'Bleach' Your Hard Drive Like Hillary Clinton. In the bottom right corner is a Your Password Sucks logo in a Daily Dot newsletter web_crawlr font.

Y0ur P@ssw0rd S*cks: How to ‘bleach’ your hard drive like Hillary Clinton

You don’t actually have to use bleach.

On Apr 2, 2024 by Mikael Thalen

An Incognito Mode browser. The Daily Dot newsletter web_crawlr column logo for Your Password Sucks is in the top left corner.

Y0ur P@ssw0rd S*cks: Is there any real protection or benefit to using Incognito Mode?

Unfortunately, Incognito Mode isn’t the useful security tool that it may appear to be.

On Jun 20, 2023 by Mikael Thalen

A person typing on a laptop. The Your Password Sucks logo for the web_crawlr column is in the top right corner.

Y0ur P@ssw0rd S*cks: How to actually remember passwords

You may not want to hear it, but password managers are your friend.

On May 9, 2023 by Mikael Thalen

Capitol dome building at night with internet web overlay

Americans overwhelmingly want Congress to pass data protection laws

80% believe the data companies collect can cause harm.

On Feb 7, 2023 by Jacob Seitz

border patrol storing phone data

DHS is using a border exemption to download, store Americans’ data without warrants

Sen. Ron Wyden alleges that Customs and Border Protection stores American data for 15 years.

On Sep 15, 2022 by Jacob Seitz

VPN setting on Apple iPhone 12 screen

Using a VPN on iOS still is a major security risk

‘At this point, I see no reason to trust any VPN on iOS’

On Aug 17, 2022 by Jacob Seitz

Federal Trade Commission flag with sky background

‘Consumers can wait no longer’: Digital rights groups applaud FTC for finally taking a step to protect data privacy rights

‘People want and deserve meaningful rules to protect their privacy.’

On Aug 11, 2022 by Jacob Seitz

phone with TikTok app on screen on American flag

Congressional Republicans demand TikTok turn over documents about user data being accessed in China

Two committees sent a notice to TikTok today.

On Jul 14, 2022 by Jacob Seitz

online banking guide

How to stay safe while banking (and buying) online

Financial security you can bank on.

On Nov 19, 2021 by Mikael Thalen

a key breaks through the screen of a phone

Easy tips and habits to protect your messages

What happens in the DMs, should stay in the DMs.

On Nov 18, 2021 by Mikael Thalen

internet browser guide

The best internet browsers for private surfing

Who’s watching you?

On Nov 15, 2021 by Mikael Thalen

A T-Mobile store.

T-Mobile hit with 2 class-action lawsuits over massive data breach

Lawsuits are piling up in the wake of the massive data breach.

On Aug 23, 2021 by Andrew Wyrich

A person holding a smartphone in front of the T-Mobile logo.

T-Mobile investigating alleged data breach affecting 100 million users

The phone carrier says it is ‘actively investigating’ the claim.

On Aug 16, 2021 by Andrew Wyrich

The Twitter logo on the screen of a smartphone. Next to it is a tweet from Rachel Tobac showing a privacy issue when using PayPal for Twitter's new Tip Jar function.

Twitter’s Tip Jar can show your home address if you’re not careful, researcher finds

Twitter says it will add a prompt alerting people about apps sharing info.

On May 7, 2021 by Andrew Wyrich

A person's finger touching the Clubhouse app on a phone.

Data from over 1 million Clubhouse accounts leaked online

It’s been a rough few weeks for social media users and personal information.

On Apr 12, 2021 by Libby Cohen

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