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Federal judge halts MPAA-backed investigation into Google

Did the MPAA order an illegal censorship campaign against Google?

On Mar 3, 2015 by Dell Cameron

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How federal agents became the movie industry’s copyright enforcers

Federal agents tore a man's Google Glass off his face at a movie theater. Why were they doing the MPAA's dirty work?

On Jan 31, 2014 by Kevin Collier

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Torrent site IsoHunt forced to shut down by $110m settlement with Hollywood

In a settlement with the MPAA, IsoHunt will close down and pay $110 million in damages.

On Oct 17, 2013 by Joe Kloc

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Why thousands are protesting a new SOPA that doesn’t yet exist

Activists are worried the bill that outraged the Internet last year may rise again.

On Sep 25, 2013 by Kevin Collier

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What the presidential election means for Internet rights

What do we really know about where President Obama and Mitt Romney stand on Internet freedom, cybersecurity, and copyright enforcement?

On Oct 29, 2012 by Kevin Collier

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MPAA chief says SOPA and PIPA “are dead; they’re not coming back”

Chris Dodd, CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America, says the controversial anti-piracy bills SOPA and PIPA are gone for good. The MPAA's next plan for fighting pirates has yet to be revealed.

On Oct 3, 2012 by Kevin Collier

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MPAA sends pro-copyright talking points memo to congressional candidates

The memo marks the first time the movie industry's lobbying arm has distributed a memo to candidates on the campaign trail.

On Sep 11, 2012 by Kevin Collier

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Why does SOPA’s biggest supporter approve both parties’ stances on Internet freedom?

MPAA CEO Chris Dodd is "extremely pleased" with the Democratic National Committee's new stance on Internet Freedom, raising concern for  Internet activists. 

On Sep 5, 2012 by Kevin Collier

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MPAA president supports GOP platform on Internet rights

The Republican party has found an unlikely ally in Chris Dodd.

On Aug 31, 2012 by Kevin Collier

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New study stokes fears of a second SOPA

Would SOPA have protected the American economy? It's an easy conclusion to draw from a new Chamber of Commerce report, which claims intellectual property is tightly connected to nearly half of all jobs in the United States.

On May 25, 2012 by Kevin Collier