woman who walked out of a date after the guy wouldn't pay $3 extra for cheese on his burger

‘GIRRRLLLLL YOU LEFT OVER $3 CHEESE???’: TikTokers are blasting a woman for walking out on Hinge date after he wouldn’t pay $3 extra for cheese on his burger

‘That man dodged an Avengers-level threat and got a free burger.’

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man speaking outside holding glasses caption 'financial hot take from a broke person' (l) man speaking outside hand up caption 'financial hot take from a broke person'(c) man speaking outside hand on shoulder caption 'financial hot take from a broke person' (r)

‘Don’t deprive yourself of temporary joy for long term financial success’: TikToker urges ‘broke’ people to treat themselves, sparking discussion

‘The coffee isn’t what got you here, and it won’t get you out of it.’

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A sign on a metal gate.

‘A demonstrable lie’: LAPD called out for blaming ‘defund the police’ on precinct closure when 800 cops are out with COVID

The number of officer in COVID quarantine has multiplied in weeks.

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Donald Trump

Trump budget blueprint cuts food stamps funding by 25 percent

The budget proposes $800 billion in cuts to Medicaid.

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john oliver budget

John Oliver demonstrates why Trump’s budget makes no sense

‘Translating the noises that come out of Trump’s face into hard policy prescriptions is almost impossible.’

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The crowdfunded lawyer traveling the country for immigration cases

Melanie Gleason has been on the road for seven months. And she’s not slowing down anytime soon.

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Alabama could start taxing porn—and it’s the biggest buzzkill ever

Alabama wants to send the porn industry flying away on a sin wagon. And it’s all about money.

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A bill restricting FCC net-neutrality enforcement passes key Senate committee

The FCC may be about to lose $20 million.

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You can help the Smithsonian preserve Neil Armstrong’s moonwalk spacesuit

No way is Congress going to pay for this—even if it should.

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Here’s the U.S. military’s unusual strategy for recruiting ‘cyber warriors’

Better to address this upfront than hide it for later, we suppose.

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Congress just got one step closer to blocking net neutrality

Republicans aren’t letting up.

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Republicans try last-minute budget gimmick to stop net neutrality

They’d better hurry—the rules take effect Friday.

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New bill would dramatically improve the transparency of America’s spy budget

The overall number is already public, but these lawmakers say that’s not enough.

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Turkish mayor replaces controversial robot statue with T-rex

He’s bringing Jurassic Park to town.

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super troopers 2 release date

‘Super Troopers 2’ hits $2 million crowdfunding goal in a single day

Get ready for some serious shenanigans.

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