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Inside George R.R. Martin’s complicated relationship with the Internet

The man behind Game of Thrones is changing the way we think about authors in the digital age.

On Nov 3, 2014 by Chris Osterndorf

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Should writers stay off the Internet?

For novelists, public engagement often comes with a cost.

On Oct 28, 2014 by Chris Osterndorf

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‘American Psycho’ perfectly retold through Google Ads

Patrick Bateman would love the Internet.

On Sep 4, 2014 by Miles Klee

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Trigger warnings don’t make the world safer—you do

Does Tumblr really want a school board judging what's problematic? I think not.

On May 22, 2014 by Nico Lang

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Norm Macdonald eviscerates Bret Easton Ellis in epic Twitter rant

Norm Macdonald delivered more one-liners on Twitter last night than all of Dirty Work

On Oct 17, 2013 by Miles Klee

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Buzzed: Drake, Fieri, and scoring coke on Twitter

Bret Easton Ellis fumbles on Twitter while Kim Kardashian makes milkshakes.

On Dec 3, 2012 by Jordan Valinsky

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Hysterical Literature, Clayton Cubitt’s erotic YouTube series, hits a new peak

In the latest installment of Cubitt's captivating video series, burlesque performer Stormy Leather loses control while reading a passage from American Psycho.

On Sep 27, 2012 by Aja Romano

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7 of Twitter’s best authors

From E.L. James to Bret Easton Ellis, these acclaimed authors will leaving you hanging on the edge of their tweets. 

On Aug 8, 2012 by Kris Holt