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Randy Kaufman/Facebook

Local GOP candidate who wanted to protect children from the ‘progressive left’ caught masturbating outside preschool

Now a GOP account is getting roasted for supporting him for a college board.


Claire Goforth


A Republican candidate’s arrest on charges of masturbating outside a school resurfaced a local GOP’s tweet supporting his campaign. Now the Arizona GOP Legislative District 25 is the subject of much mockery.

On Tuesday, news broke that Randy Kaufman, a Republican running for an Arizona college district’s governing board, was arrested for allegedly masturbating outside a preschool earlier this month. Kaufman was reportedly inside his vehicle at the time. He was charged with public sexual indecency. His plea to the charge is unknown.

According to HuffPost, police say Kaufman was looking at his phone at the time. He claimed to be unaware there was a preschool a few feet away where children were reportedly playing outside. The officer reported that upon his arrest, Kaufman said, “I fucked up. I’m really stressed.”

As news of his arrest spread, many observers noted the irony of Kaufman posting on Facebook in May that he wanted “our children protected [from] the progressive left.”

It didn’t take long for people to also unearth the Arizona GOP Legislative District 25’s tweet about Kaufman.

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AZ GOP Legislative District 25/Twitter

On Sept. 23, AZ GOP Legislative District 25 tweeted about an event that featured various candidates.

“A BIG thanks to Randy Kaufman for teaching us all about the Maricopa County Community College District Board Member at Large position,” it wrote, along with a hashtag of Kaufman’s name.

After Kaufman’s arrest hit the news, the comment section was flooded with replies like “this did not age well,” “get ur mans boo,” and “giving new meaning to the word ‘uncorked.’”

“Speaking of members at large, I heard Randy Kaufman recently showed his near a daycare center,” wrote another.

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Kaufman has suspended his campaign. His name will reportedly remain on the ballot because it is too late to have it removed.

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