alton brown tweets

Alton Brown’s off-kilter Twitter rant captured our collective id

He tweeted through it.

On by Michelle Jaworski

stream good eats reloaded

How to stream ‘Good Eats: Reloaded’

Alton Brown is going to hit you with the remix.

On by Jaime Carrillo

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Alton Brown is developing a spiritual successor to ‘Good Eats’

What would you want to watch him cook?

On by Monica Riese

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The shooting of Alton Brown did not happen

You’re thinking of an entirely different Alton.

On by Aaron Sankin

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Alton Brown reviews Amazon’s dumbest kitchen gadgets

The celebrity chef weighs in on single-use kitchen gadgets.

On by Allison Keves

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The 5 best cooking shows you can stream for dinner tonight

Alton Brown’s iconic science-meets-grub series got the boot, but fear not.

On by Allen Weiner

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The best cooking appliances you never thought of

Unplug your toaster and have at it.

On by Allen Weiner

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Get ready for the 2015 Sriracha backlash

Alton Brown just fired the first shot in the war against one of the world’s most beloved condiments.

On by Marisa Kabas

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Digital gifts for foodies of all shapes and sizes

If you give a man a fish, as they say…

On by Allen Weiner

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You’ll never be able to open Champagne like Alton Brown

“Besides, you’re not cool enough anyway and you’ll just come off looking like a dope,” he says. Challenge accepted.

On by Mike Fenn

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True confessions of Food Network fans

A new Tumblr blog pairs anonymous confessions about the Food Network with stills of the corresponding host of TV program. 

On by Kris Holt

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