LiveJournal’s Too Much Info builds community around life’s grossest moments


Do not click this story unless you really want to be grossed out.

Each week we browse LiveJournal’s Popular Entries feature to unearth fascinating, obsessive, and sometimes bizarre communities for your perusal. There’s bound to be one just for you.

This LiveJournal community includes a rainbow-colored photo of a used tampon on its description page. It lists “anal leakage” as a primary topic of interest.

It’s Too Much Info (TMI), and it’s here to gross you out.

For a blog whose purpose is sharing real life poop stories, TMI is surprisingly popular, with 11,500 active users and 5,000 watchers—LiveJournal’s term for lurkers. The community’s owner and lead moderator, cielamara, believes that sharing the stories can be therapeutic.

She quotes David Sedaris on the description page thusly:

“If you’re looking for sympathy you’ll find it between shit and syphilis in the dictionary.”

Lucky for casual readers, the rules keep TMI from being too much of a gross-out. Users aren’t allowed to post links without descriptions of exactly where they lead. And if users must illustrate their tales of bowel movements with a photo, that photo must be behind a cut.

Here are five of the latest stories. We won’t be held responsible if you read during lunch!

1) Airing it out

“For the first time in my 28 year life I shaved my armpits. Feels great. Amanda Palmer should follow suit, what do you guys think?” — commiesattack

2) Poop preservation

“I take this poo that’s seriously almost 2 feet long without breaking. It just keeps going and going so I try to take out my phone to take a picture of this because what the heck a 2 foot poo, but then the toilet auto-flushes. And there goes my proof. :c” — JanetBond007

3) In a bunch

“Dear People-that-make-undies (non-sexy undies), You know that tiiiiiiiiiiny strip of fabric that covers up the ladyparts and is supposed to protect clothes, chairs, anything you sit on from it? Well, let me tell ya that when you make plus-sized undies, that fabric needs to be WIDER. It isn’t protecting anything.” — mistresswolf

4) Head and shoulders

“I sunburned the piss out of my scalp, especially where I have bleached sections.
Now, that shit is peeling. 🙁

It is itchy and FLAKY FLAKY FLAKY as all hell. Big, gross flakes, too. At least a centimeter across for some. I was all self-conscious of the redness I had earlier this week, but omg I would take that over this snow in my hair and on my shoulders.” — sancesse

5) Better halves

“One day I visited a local bagel shop with a schoolmate during school lunch (the bagel shop was about 3 blocks away?) They had some free samples for bagel sandwich bites, and we both tried one.

I ate the whole thing in one bite (like an idiot), and my friend had a toothpick left over… I never noticed the toothpick in mine! I had already swallowed it, I was horrified! I just ate a toothpick! I was extremely worried it was gonna scratch up my insides…

A day or two later, I pooped, and I was surprised to discover HALF a toothpick in my stool. I never found the other half…” — rmcll

Photo by stallio

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