5 amazing works of fanart celebrating NASA’s Curiosity rover

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The success of the Curiosity rover has ensured NASA a permanent place in the halls of fandom.


Olympics enthusiasts may have been rooting for their favorites Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad and Ezekiel Kemboi, the respective silver-and-gold medalists in the 3000-meter Steeplechase; but on an inter-galactic level, yesterday, Earth/Mars was everyone’s favorite pairing.

We present our favorite works of fanart from yesterday, commemorating the rover Curiosity’s safe landing on the red planet:

1) Earth/Mars—Their Love Is So Invasive.

Artist: halorvic.tumblr.com

2) Lonely Rovers

Yesterday’s G.R.E.Y.S. strip, “A Curious Opportunity,” saw the artists wondering about the relationships among the three rovers and their relationships to other failed Mars missions:


With the creation of such a large rover, we started to think of them as a little family — even NASA likes them to pose for family photos.


So we decided to draw a family reunion (even though such a meeting is unlikely to ever actually happen on Mars). Not everybody could make it, of course — but how do you explain to a young rover that it’s little pet Beagle isn’t around anymore?

Artist: The G.R.E.Y.S.

3) Curiosity Closeup

Artist: kimdingwall.deviantart.com

4) Curious Night

Artist Sam Spratt took a moment to pay tribute to space travel, Van Gogh, and the eternal sense of wonder that space instills in all of us with this stunning portrait:

Artist: Sam Spratt

5) Google

Yesterday, prior to the rover landing, the Olympics Javelin-throw logo looked like this:

See the rover flying high in the background?

After the safe landing, the logo featured a blimp in its place.

Image by Murphypop/Tumblr

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