judge jordan

With Memekit, you can turn yourself into the world’s next Good Guy Greg. Or Scumbag Steve, if that’s more your style.

If you think your Facebook photos are meme-worthy, there’s an app for that.

MemeKit pulls photos from your Facebook account and lets you add blocky white text. To use it, just log-in to using your Facebook account. MemeKit will then pull up a series of random photos from your profile.

The site’s easy to use, but is sluggish and slow to load at times. MemeKit gives you options to add text and adjust the font size to the top and bottom of your photo. It also pulls up random status updates if you’re suffering from meme writer’s block. 

Once you’re done with your new meme (or, more accurately, image macro), you can post it to your friend’s (or victim’s) wall or mail a postcard for $3.

The creators, software engineers Shawn Lewis and Andrew Badr, may have called their own site “ridiculous,” but we think it’ss actually a pretty great idea. It’s not entirely original, however. Google+ and QuickMeme also let you create memes using your own photos.

We created a new meme, Judge Jordan (below), because he is an insufferable jerk that deserves to be trolled.

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