Lily from modern family in t-shirt(l+r), Lily with her date in her prom dress(c)


Lily from ‘Modern Family’ just went to her prom so you’re old now, sorry

“Mitch and Cam would love.”


Mike Hadge

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They grow up so fast. By “they,” we mean all of us. Everyone. All humans. In case you didn’t feel old today, this should fix that.

In this specific case, I speak of Lily Tucker-Pritchett herself, Audrey Anderson-Emmons. The adorable, hilarious Modern Family Scrappy Doo came on during the show’s third season as daughter to Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s Cam and Mitchell. We all likely remember her like this: 

However, over the weekend, Anderson-Emmons posted a few photos on her Instagram unleashing upon her increasingly-decrepit fanbase that she was indeed attending freaking prom!

Cast your eyes and despair:

How did this happen? Who allowed time to do this? Not cool, time. Still, it’s a nice dress and she seems to be enjoying herself. 

In part two of her prom posts, Anderson-Emmons can be seen with some friends and a date (who wore a fedora – oh, youth!), with a caricature sketch thrown in. Take a gander: 

As one might imagine, commenters are throwing out Cam and Mitchell references left and right.

“You look gorgeous!! Cam and Mitch would love, sooo happy for you,” chimed in one commenter on TikTok.

One commenter came up with a whole plot, suggesting, “I need this to be an episode of Modern Family! And I can literally imagine Cam having an episode and Mitch taking care of Cam and both of them not approving the guy!”

“Lily going to prom?? STOP,” exclaimed another. After so many references, a commenter put it this way: “At this point, Cam and Mitch are her declared parents lol.”

@aubreyandersonemmons our bfs in the back😭 @camille #foryou #prom #fyp ♬ original sound – audio girly

Also, did you know Anderson-Emmons is in a band called October? Sorry, never mind. Our ancient brains can only handle so much today. 

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