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‘Grownish Gambino’: Jordan the Stallion and Donald Glover team up for a TikTok, make jokes about their resemblance

The ‘Atlanta’ creator and TikTok superstar had some fun with their supposed resemblance.


Mike Hadge

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For a good while now, folks have been pointing out that TikTok culinary influencer Jordan The Stallion kind of looks like quadruple (quintuple? Septuple? Infinituple?) threat Donald Glover.

So what have they decided to do about that? Make an extremely viral video, naturally. 

Donald Glover and Jordan The Stallion collab on TikTok 

A post appeared on Jordan the Stallion (real name: Jordan Howlett)’s TikTok on Sunday and who was addressing the viewer? Certainly not Jordan. (Or was it? No.)

Instead, Childish Gambino himself stood there, beckoning us, dressed suspiciously like Jordan.  

“Hey, come here…” Glover begins.”Look, I’ve been hearing a lot about me and Jordan looking alike. Um, I understand it, we’re both very handsome people. Maybe one of us is more handsome than the other, but it’s really…” 

At that moment, Jordan enters the frame…wearing the same exact outfit. 

@jordan_the_stallion8 Welp @Donald Glover #fyp ♬ original sound – Jordan_The_Stallion8

“Okay, I’m not doing this,” Jordan continues, explaining that everyone knows he wears “eggshell and black on Saturdays.”

The video ends with Glover and Jordan attempting to settle their outfit differences, to no avail.

The whole thing’s an absolute delight, especially when Jordan complains that he’s trying to make a name for himself while people already mistake him “for the Method Man.” Speaking of which, JTS made a similar video with the Powerbook II: Ghost star in February: 

@methodmanofficial1 #methodman #jordanthestallion8 ♬ original sound – Methodman

The internet reacts with delight

Needless to say, the internet is delighted by this collab. 

User Victorieux observed, “Method Man is needed to complete the Spider-Man pointing meme.” TikTok user William Gonzalez commented, “Grownish Gambino 😂😂😂”

“Jordan for real a perfect mix of method man and Donald 😭” wrote Kanae Kocho

The video got big reactions all the way over on X as well: 

Well done, gentlemen. Solid #twinning all around. The collab of course comes ahead of the release of the latest Childish Gambino album, Bando Stone & the New World, out July 19th.

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