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TikTok couple Allie and Noah share—then quickly delete—post requesting ‘prayers’

“I’m so worried for them”


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Update 1:07pm CT, June 28: In a carousel post to the couple’s Instagram account, Allie shared that her father passed away on June 25, 2024.

A vague post on social media from well-loved TikTok couple Allie and Noah left followers concerned about the state of the family and their hard-won pregnancy. 

What is happening with Allie and Noah?

The couple has over 4.6 million followers on TikTok on their joint account @allieandnoah, and after a hard-fought battle with infertility, they finally announced that Allie was pregnant back on March 22nd to the delight of so many people.

Excited couple Allie and Noah dressed in pink and blue jumping in excitement in front of pink and blue balloons as blue flares go off marking that they are going to have a boy.

But a recent TikTok, that was quickly deleted, quickly concerned many people. A screenshot of the TikTok appeared on the r/tiktokgossip subreddit, where netizens and fans questioned what it could mean.

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The post read, “We request your prayers for Allie’s family at this time. Further information will be shared when it becomes available and appropriate. Thank you for your understanding.”

The removed post went up on June 26th, 2024, the same day another, completely-unrelated TikTok video was posted about their trip to Ripley’s Aquarium in Myrtle Beach. Since the post was removed, TikTokers have flocked to the most recent video, asking what is happening and begging for updates.

Fans of Allie and Noah are worried

From comments on social media posts to videos posted on their own TikTok accounts, many people are invested in what is happening with the couple. Understandably so, when “please pray for the family” is all the news you receive without warning.

One person asked, “Is there any update on what’s going on? Worried about y’all … I really hope everything is OK.”

TikToker Hope Mills (@hopemills), meanwhile, posted a video about the situation begging for details and praying that they and the baby are safe, and people added their own hopes and prayers for the safety of the family in the comments section.

“I’m so worried for them. How do we get this invested in people we don’t know? I truly enjoy their posts. They are genuinely good people,” one woman noted in a comment to Mills’s video.

A Redditor, meanwhile, speculated on the exact wording used in the deleted post, saying, “My thoughts, because of the wording ‘Allie’s family,’ I’m under the impression something happened to Allie. I’m from a town very near them; if it was a death or problem in the family, they would have said please pray for Allie and/or HER FAMILY,” one user speculated.

“If something happened with their baby, they likely would have said please pray for Noah and Allie. If something happened to Noah, again they probably would have requested prayer for Allie and her family/their families. Maybe it’s just me being southern and reading too much into it. I hope I’m wrong.”

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Responses from the official accounts

Since the TikTok was deleted, posts have been made to Allie and Noah’s Instagram and Facebook pages, presumably by Noah, although no name was given to who penned the posts.

“Understand that this is not about the baby,” the update said. “ Those saying Allie is gone and the baby due to health issues, shame on you! My post stated, ‘No questions, family-related.’ Prayers are necessary, and Allie and her family will share when ready. Thank you.”

It’s hard to say without news from Allie and Noah themselves, or their families, so until they feel like they are able to post again, only time will tell. No doubt their followers will be waiting with bated breath for the news, and hopefully all will soon be well for the couple.

Allie and Noah did not immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via Instagram direct message.

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