The internet reacts to Alec Baldwin family TLC series

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‘Looks like literal hell’: The internet reacts to Alec and Hilaria Baldwin’s new TLC reality show

People are roasting the launch of ‘The Baldwins’.


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Throughout his career, Alec Baldwin has been a moth to the flame of controversy. There’s the daughter phone call stuff, the general anger stuff, the Trump impression stuff, and the less said about the Rust situation, the better. Well, the 30 Rock star seems to be kicking off his career rehabilitation tour with his toughest role yet: reality show dad! 

This week, Alec and his wife Hilaria announced their new reality show, The Baldwins on Instagram. Take a watch. 

The TLC show looks to be a glimpse into the trials and tribulations of raising seven Baldwins. Yes, they made seven Baldwins. The video even opens up with a little joke about the reproduction. 

“We have an announcement to make,” Hilaria tells the camera before we hear the universal sign of comedy, the record scratch! 

“Good God, no,” responds Alec, before his wife reassures him that “no, definitely not! We’re done having kids.”

Alec continues, “We’re inviting you into our home to experience the ups and downs, the good, the bad, the wild, and the crazy,” The program looks to be a mix of Jon & Kate Plus 8 and the whole Octomom situation, but with Alec Baldwin. Let’s take a look at the video’s comments. I’m sure the public at large is excited about this! 

(Looks for .0007 seconds…) Oh, guess not. 

“Looks like literal hell, I’m good thanks,” writes commenter @cmcfunk. 

@arielletshcinkel comments, “bro you should’ve just started a gofundme instead this is embarrassing.”

Some commenters went there. “You going to teach them firearm safety??” wrote @d_smithers777. Yowzers. 

Despite Baldwin’s penchant for controversy, wife Hilaria’s got the bug herself. A few years back, Hilaria came under fire for leaning a bit too hard into a fake Spanish accent despite the fact that she’s from Massachusetts. As you might imagine, folks are riffing on that as well. 

“Wait! Is this the same chic with the fake accent and from like Boston and not Spain???” writes akdj418. 

“Your name is Hilary honey not Hilaria. That’s already been established stop trying to pretend like you’re something you’re not,” says @gailmarie04

“You would think it would be on Telemundo no?” comments @pepino_fan, which I admit, is a pretty solid burn. 

On TikTok, however, some are enthused to have the Baldwins get the family reality show treatment, if only to watch the potential trainwreck.

@itsmejadeb I CANT WAIT! Hilaria is coming to our screens in 2025! #thebaldwins #hilariabaldwin #thetea #teaoftheday #theteawithjadeb ♬ original sound – Jade

You kind of have to love how the “correct” pronunciation of Il-Ahhh-reeahh’s name used be nearly every human commenting on this story. 

@thesarahfrasershow #greenscreen are you excited about #thebaldwin show coming to TLC? #alecbaldwin #rust #realitytv ♬ original sound – Sarah Fraser

Some are a bit more mixed on the proposal of a show like this for the Baldwins, but will be watching. 

@ranchernikkitv #greenscreen #tlc ♬ original sound – RancherNikkiTv

So what do you think? Gonna watch? Gonna throw your TV into the nearest ravine? Let me know!

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