Popular PC strategy game XCOM 2 heads to Xbox and PlayStation this fall

Promotional illustration of three alien guards on duty, from XCOM 2.

2K Games

Console gamers will get their chance to fight for humanity’s freedom.

The alien invaders enslaving and destroying humanity will no longer stand unopposed by console gamers. The fight to liberate Earth is about to spread.

If you were a fan of Firaxis Games’s XCOM: Enemy Unknown on consoles, don’t own a gaming PC, and therefore felt robbed when XCOM 2 was released in February for PC only, you no longer need to feel left out. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of XCOM 2 will be released on Sept. 6.

The release of XCOM 2 on console was inevitable. The console version of Enemy Unknown was extremely popular, in part for being a rare example of a historically PC-centric game series making it to consoles without losing any of its complexity.

Civilization, another strategy game series from Firaxis, has rarely appeared in console versions. Civilization Revolution, released in 2008, was released for consoles and mobile devices, but it was a very simplified version. XCOM: Enemy Unknown, on the other hand, was relatively unchanged between its PC and console versions.

The console version of XCOM 2 was developed by The Workshop, an independent studio in California that also made Borderlands 2, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, and The Evil Within. We can expect that its console port of XCOM 2 will also be faithful to the PC version.

Console gamers step into XCOM 2 with an advantage over their PC gaming cousins. All the expansion packs for XCOM 2 will have been released by the end of this summer, so rather than having to wait for them to be released one by one, anyone who buys the XCOM 2 Digital Deluxe Edition on consoles will also receive all the paid DLC for XCOM 2.

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