Patty Jenkins responds to Warner Bros. open letter claiming ‘Wonder Woman’ is a mess

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‘Wonder Woman’ director Patty Jenkins shuts down claims that filming is ‘a mess.’

An open letter lambasting Warner Bros. Studios made the rounds when it was posted to Pajiba on Thursday. It’s worth noting that it was written anonymously by someone using the pseudonym Gracie Law, a nod to the Big Trouble in Little China character.

Allegedly penned by an ex-employee, the missive slams CEO Kevin Tsujihara and alleges that the company rewards filmmakers with lackluster box office numbers while punishing and laying off employees in other departments. The writer specifically calls out Zack Snyder and Peter Jackson, while also implicating the forthcoming Wonder Woman film:

Maybe Wonder Woman wouldn’t be such a mess. Don’t try to hide behind the great trailer. People inside are already confirming it’s another mess. It is almost impressive how you keep rewarding the same producers and executives for making the same mistakes, over and over.

Tsujihara, Snyder, and Jackson have yet to respond to allegations. Wonder Woman Dir. Patty Jenkins, however, was quick to set the record straight. In a series of tweets on Saturday, Jenkins laid into what she believes is a bunk letter written by someone with an agenda:

Wonder Woman began filming in Nov. 2015 and wrapped on May 9 of this year. The movie is set to be released June 2, 2017. The Daily Dot has reached out to Pajiba and is awaiting a response.

Update 4:40pm CT, Aug. 14: Pajiba’s Dustin Rowles issued a statement standing by the open letter. “Pajiba adheres to standard practices with regard to journalistic integrity, and we stand behind the credibility and accuracy of our anonymous source,” Rowles said in an email.

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