‘Love Actually’ and ‘The Walking Dead’ unite in ‘Dead, Actually’

Rick Grimes is better known to Walking Dead fans as the unstoppable leader of a ragtag team of survivors in Georgia’s very own zombie apocalypse. But as this new parody video shows, he has a softer side, too—and a very special message for one lucky brain-eater.

Fans of Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick on the show, know he is perhaps most famous for a small but iconic role in the ’90s rom-com Love, Actually. As a character in love with his best friend’s wife, played by Kiera Knightley, Lincoln had one of the most oft-parodied scenes in rom-com history when he showed up on her doorstep at Christmas with a special message for her.

Not to be outdone, an actor named Charlie Farrell took to YouTube to give Rick a chance at his own holiday confession—this time to a confused, yet mildly interested, zombie lady who’s captured his heart:

Certainly puts “’til death do us part” in a new light.

Screengrab via Charlie Farrell/YouTube

Aja Romano

Aja Romano

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