This guy made a ‘Tetris’ t-shirt you can actually play

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The classic game just got even harder.

Everyone thinks that their t-shirt is the best one that has ever been created. Well, I hate to burst the bubble for you all, but electronics genius Marc Kerger wins. He has created a Tetris t-shirt that you can actually play.

Using 128 LED lights and 4 AA batteries, Kerger used an old plain white t-shirt as the wearable console. In a YouTube video, he reveals that the game is played out on your chest, while instructions and images of the seven different tetrads are featured on the back.

Obviously, we all have two questions for Mr. Kerger: When will you start marketing this? And is there any chance at, say, a Grand Theft Auto version?

H/T TechCrunch / Screengrab via Marc Kerger/YouTube

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