Time will stop when you see these ‘Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask’ wedding rings

wedding ring fashioned after the clock tower from zelda: majora's mask

Photo via Takayas Custom Jewelry Remix by Max Fleishman

These beautiful rings incorporate clock tower, sun, and moon images from the video game.

When you share a favorite childhood video game with the person you’re going to marry, why wouldn’t you order custom wedding rings inspired by it? Especially when they look as amazing as this set created by Takayas Custom Jewelry

The company’s latest blog post shares the story of Megan and Jonathan who ordered rings from Takayas inspired by a game they both loved during their childhoods, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.

The rings are inspired by the clock tower, as well as the moon and sun images in the video game. The details on each ring are stunning. Since Megan likes Edwardian and art deco styles, Takayas went with “a modern Edwardian design interpretation with the pattern from the clock face incorporated in a filigree look” for her ring. The ring also includes the sun and moon on either side and the sun and moon masks of the characters Kafei and Anju on the front and back.

Jonathan’s ring also incorporates the clock tower pattern and the sun and moon images, but in addition, it has on the inside “a mirror image reflection of the repeating, striped pattern from the [Stone Tower Temple] entrance’s mouth.”

They’re both beautiful designs that do a great job of representing this passion shared by the couple. You can learn more about the rings on Takayas’s blog.

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