This is the best dance-off ever to hit Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. Dance off

We’re rooting for the tap-dancing Link.

Sick of getting beat by your friends in Super Smash Bros.? Maybe you should challenge them to a dance-off.

The cosplaying tap dance ensemble Noise Complaint recently debuted a video that takes them through the many stages of Super Smash Bros. With choreography to match the music and setting of each level, it kind of makes you wish there were a dance-off version of the competitive battle game.

Super Smash Bros. turns out to be the ideal game for the dance ensemble, because it ventures through so many Nintendo worlds. There’s even a hilarious Dr. Mario level.

If you can’t get enough, check out the troupe’s dance party through Pokémon, posted to YouTube last year.

Screengrab via JenneTap/YouTube

Sarah Weber

Sarah Weber

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