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Here’s a Marvel and ‘Downton Abbey’ crossover from a ‘Star Wars’ screenwriter

Imagine what would happen if Howard Stark entered the world of Downton Abbey.


Lisa Granshaw


When screenwriter Gary Whitta isn’t hard at work on his Star Wars spinoff film, what does he do? Apparently, he imagines what might happen if the Marvel universe and the world of Downton Abbey collided.

On Monday, Whitta shared a script on Twitter for the first part of his Downton Abbey and Iron Man crossover, Downton Abbey: The Stark Ascendancy. Set after the fifth season of Downton, the script—written by Whitta and his wife Leah—sees Tony Stark’s father Howard join Cora’s brother for a visit to Downton with an investment opportunity.

Whitta tweeted that he’d write more of the story if his original tweet with the script received more than 1,000 retweets. At press time, it wasn’t even close, but that doesn’t mean fans aren’t getting a kick out of the fun read—even if some think he should be spending more time on Star Wars. Some of his fellow writers shared their thoughts on the crossover too.

The script isn’t long, and it’s worth the read if you want to see how Stark would stir things up in the English household. Stark calling Lord Grantham “Bob” is especially priceless. You can read the entire script here.Photo via Gary Whitta/Twitter

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