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Photos via 343 Industries and EA DICE

If you play Halo 5 on Xbox, you can podrace like you’re in ‘Star Wars’

A Star Wars map is just what Halo 5: Guardians needed.


Jacob Wolf


Star Wars fans either love podracing, with it holding a special place in their hearts, or they hate it.

Regardless of any one fan’s opinions, it’s hard to deny that the podracing scene from The Phantom Menace made almost every kid want to own a podracer. LucasArts, the gaming division of Lucasfilm, took advantage of this in 1999, releasing the game Star Wars Episode I: Racer. That game is now nearly two decades old, but one Halo map creator has brought back the iconic movie sequence in video-game form.

CaptainDirewolf built a podracing course in Halo’s Forge map-creating software, letting players with the Xbox Live version of Halo 5: Guardians live out their podracing dreams.

Titled “Boonta Eve,” the map is identical to the course featured in the movie. And when you die, you go into an elevated pit, from which you can snipe at fellow players from above—similar to what the Tusken Raiders did in the movie.

Unfortunately, you can’t play as Anakin Skywalker or Sebulba; you’re limited to Spartans only. But CaptainDirewolf has transmogrified Halo’s Ghost vehicles so they look like various podracers from the movie.

To grab your copy of the map, visit Captain DireWolf’s in-game Forge library and bookmark it. From there, you can begin racing like it’s 1999.

Photos via 343 Industries and EA DICE | Remix by Jacob Wolf

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