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This experiment with music and science will mesmerize you

Music just got even cooler. 


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It takes great chemistry for band members to perform well with one another—yes, great chemistry. And Nigel Stanford just created a music video that visualizes that chemistry. Well, visualizes science in general as he matches up science experiments with music.

Whether it’s sand particles transforming into different shapes as a musician plays a piano key or water spiraling from a tube whenever the drummer hits the bass drum, this video titled “CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music” is just pure, pure genius.

Revel in the musical beauty of these complex science experiments.

When a piano key is pressed, particles of sand transform into various patterns


Water ripples change shape as the speaker bumps


Water droplets jump from a pool in one scene…


and spiral from a tube when the bass drum hits


Sound waves come out of a gas tube and flames appear


Woah… is that a Tesla coil? Yes it is!


You need to watch the full video

…and make sure to put it in full screen as you crank up the volume!

Screengrab via Vimeo

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