Meet the little girl stealing hearts with her adorable cosplay

For many it will come as no surprise that Chicago’s annual pop culture convention C2E2 was full of amazing cosplay. What might surprise you though is that one of the most popular cosplayers at the convention was a 5-year-old girl from Wisconsin.

Samantha Baehman stole hearts at C2E2 and across social media with her adorable cosplays that included BB-SK8, a roller skater version of Star Wars: The Force Awakens lovable droid BB-8. Despite her young age, Samantha is already quite an experienced cosplayer. Her mother Sharon told the Daily Dot Samantha started cosplaying at C2E2 in 2014 and that the convention has become the one they won’t miss. In addition to BB-8, at C2E2 this year Samantha also cosplayed as Hawkgirl and Gwenpool. Her favorite cosplay at the moment, however, is the one inspired by Star Wars’ newest droid. According to Sharon it helps that the cosplay incorporates roller skating—which Samantha loves. The idea for such a combination came about when Samantha told her mother she wanted to be the droid.

“A lot of times I’ll go to Instagram for inspiration and just put in like BB-8 cosplay and see what comes up and [think] ok what can I do with this,” Sharon said.

During her search, she found a BB-8 cosplay with skates and it inspired her to create a version for her daughter. Samantha received a lot of attention for her adorable cosplay at C2E2 and even inspired fan art. 

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“It totally made my day, my weekend, everything, this year! It was really super exciting,” Sharon said of discovering the art online. People began sharing the link with them to make sure they knew about the art.

“It almost seemed like she was the droid they were looking for at C2E2,” Sharon said.

People were able to reach them on social media because Sharon shares her daughter’s creative cosplays through Sami Mini Cosplay on Facebook and Instagram. Samantha asked her mom for social media accounts after seeing the pages of some older cosplayers she met, including some cosplayers like members of the We Are Cosplay group who she came to know from her first C2E2.

“That community has been so good to her. She’s like their little buddy so she wanted to be like them,” Sharon told the Daily Dot. “I try to teach her too, the We Are Cosplay group are very big into benefits and doing things for charity so I try to bring a lot of that up to her in conversation, and how they’re doing it to raise money so that they can give it to like the children’s hospital, and she thinks that’s pretty cool too.”

According to Sharon, that first C2E2 also led to Samantha meeting one of her biggest cosplayer inspirations. While dressed as a version of Captain America called Princess Cap, she met Jayme Lee of Scarlett Jay Cosplay dressed as Black Widow. Staying in touch after the convention and continuing to see Lee’s work played a big role in inspiring her current enthusiasm for cosplay.

Sharon said the cosplay community and particularly We Are Cosplay members have been very sweet to Samantha, with some even sending her emails as their cosplay characters.

#gwenpool being sassy with #spidergwen at #C2E2 @cole.clare

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Beyond C2E2, they travel to other conventions within a reasonable distance and recently went to Northwest Indiana Comic-Con as well. Next Sharon said they might head to Wizard World in Madison, Wisconsin; Indiana Comic Con; and Wizard World in Chicago.

Samantha doesn’t just keep her love of cosplaying these characters to conventions though. She’ll wear cosplays around the house, to events like Free Comic Book Day, and to see movies.

“I’m a little concerned about when she starts school next year!” Sharon said.

As for Samantha’s next cosplay, she apparently has a list a mile long. However when asked by her mother during our phone interview who she wants to cosplay as next, her answer in the background was immediate: Skye (AKA Daisy/Quake) from Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. She also said what she loves about cosplaying is the dressing up—a sentiment we’re sure other cosplayers would agree with.

You can see more photos of Samantha’s cosplay below and keep up with her work at Sami Mini Cosplay.

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Photo via Sami Mini Cosplay/Facebook

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