‘Big Hero 6’ actor films concept video to play Robin opposite Ben Affleck’s Batman

tim drake

Photo via Force Storm Ent./YouTube

We can totally picture him in the role.

The Batman franchise has steered clear of Robin since the infamously silly Batman & Robin movie in 1997, but maybe it’s time to bring him back. And according to actor Ryan Potter, the Robin in question should be Tim Drake.

Ryan Potter is best known as the voice of Hiro in Marvel’s Big Hero 6, but he’s also a skilled martial artist—making him an ideal choice to play Robin opposite Ben Affleck‘s Batman. To prove that he’s the right man for the job, he’s even filmed a concept video of himself in the role, performing some awesome stunts.

In an interview last year, Potter said that fans had tweeted him about playing Tim Drake or Dick Grayson, adding that it would be cool to see an Asian-American Robin on the big screen. Now, he’s following up with what basically amounts to a public audition video directed at Ben Affleck, who is directing and cowriting the next solo Batman movie.

Ben Affleck hasn’t actually said anything about including a Robin character in his Batman movie, although we do know that there used to be a Robin in the Batman v Superman universe. His costume is displayed in the Batcave, and this Robin’s death—inspired by Jason Todd’s demise in the comics—is part of the grim backstory for Affleck’s Batman.

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