r2-d2 coffee press

Photo via ThinkGeek

This is the coffee press you’ve been looking for.

Star Wars fans are pouring over all of the new toys and merchandise released as part of Rogue One’s Rogue Friday, but one of its best products isn’t even available yet—and guaranteed to jolt you awake when it is.

ThinkGeek is releasing an R2-D2 coffee press perfect for your early morning Jedi training. It’s guaranteed to brighten up practically any kitchen. 

It’s fitted like a regular coffee press and works similarly: You mix grounds and boiling water, brew it, and plunge to get your fresh cup of joe. However, this one makes all of the magic happen inside of R2-D2 himself, resulting in 32 ounces of sweet, caffeinated goodness.

It might not be worth it if you already have a working coffee press, but it’s a fun alternative—and you can always say your coffee was brewed by a droid. (Even though it’s totally not in Artoo’s job description.) Plus, you can put it in a dishwasher.

The R2-D2 coffee press costs $39.99 and is available to preorder. It arrives in early November 2016. That’s plenty of time to perfect your brew in time for your Rogue One midnight screening queue

H/T io9

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