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One player took on Destiny’s toughest challenge and killed it

Dancing in the face of destruction.


Dennis Scimeca


If this is the toughest challenge Destiny has to offer, it might be time for developer Bungie to re-think the difficulty curve.

Raids are supposed to be the most difficult activities in the multiplayer online shooter Destiny. They are designed to challenge six players working in close cooperation, all of whom need to be equipped with the most powerful weapons and armor. Crota’s End, the newest Raid from The Dark Below expansion, ought to be the toughest challenge to date in Destiny. Yet a player named “sc Slayerage” not only ran Crota’s End solo in under 35 minutes, he does it in smirking style.

Slayerage uses the Hunter class character’s invisibility power and a selection of high-level weapons to sneak, shoot, and dance his way through Crota’s End. The dancing is the insult part. No one ought to have time to boogie down while they’re surrounded by some of the deadliest monsters in Destiny.Slayerage does run into some problems after the first checkpoint, and only gets away with his tomfoolery on account of his gear, but still, he runs this Raid solo. One has to wonder if Bungie is going to adjust the Raid difficulty, because Slayerage’s video just taught all properly equipped, high-level Hunters in Destiny how to make a mockery of Crota’s End.

H/T Eurogamer | Image via The Legend Himself/YouTube

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