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Adam Sandler’s ‘Pixels’ sends reviewer into rage spiral

Brace yourself for a curse-laden review.


Dennis Scimeca


Please evacuate all children and adults with delicate constitutions from the room before you watch this movie review.

MovieBob is part of the Web’s pantheon of angry nerd reviewers who like to yell about video games or movies they do not like. Pixels, the Adam Sandler movie about aliens who attack Earth with 1980s video game characters, mixes both of MovieBob’s passions.

Apparently Pixels isn’t very good, and so MovieBob’s review is one, long, apoplectic fit. “Pixels isn’t a movie,” says MovieBob in one of his more lucid statements before descending into rage. “It’s a motherfucking active crime scene, and the crime is cultural vandalism.”

Lest you think MovieBob goes nuclear as a regular schtick, check out his review of Ant-Man—a movie he actually liked. It has considerably less rage, building credence for just how bad we can expect Pixels to be. 

Screengrab via moviebob/YouTube

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