Metroid finally gets the cinematic treatment it deserves

Metroid fan film

Nerdist’s Jessica Chobot kills it as Samus Aran.

We’ve seen beloved geek franchises get the live-action treatments before, but one series has always been neglected. That is, until now.

Metroid: The Sky Calls comes to us from production house Rainfall. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because that same shop also created the IGN Legend of Zelda April Fools’ movie trailer and the more recent Wonder Woman short.

The Sky Calls features Nerdist host, and all-around awesome geek evangelist, Jessica Chobot. She plays space bounty hunter Samus Aran, who finds herself returning to her adopted home world of Talon IV.

Clearly the film was made with a lot of love and reverence for the source material. Fan reaction on Twitter has been overwhelmingly positive. Many point to the quality visuals and pseudo-retro cinematographic style.

Screengrab via RainfallFilms/YouTube

Imad Khan

Imad Khan

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