If ‘The Matrix’ were an 8-bit video game

Can you take a fight scene from The Matrix: Reloaded seriously if Keanu Reeves sounds like Mario every time he jumps up to kick someone in the head?

Phillip Raupach, a video editor and graphics/effects artist, says he produced this clip for an audio production class at San Francisco State University. The assignment was to strip the audio from a video clip, and replace it with something entirely different. 

One of the things you learn as a broadcasting and film student is just how important audio is, in regards to the amount of information it conveys to the viewer. Swapping in effects and chiptune music from Nintendo Entertainment System-era games turns this wire-work-laden fight scene from The Matrix: Reloaded into a lovely farce.

Raupach deserves an “A.”

H/T Sploid | Screengrab via Phillip Raupach/YouTube

Dennis Scimeca

Dennis Scimeca

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