Fan pits Marvel and DC heroes against each other in epic mash-up trailer

What if DC and Marvel decided to put old rivalries aside to make one massive, epic superhero movie with every one of our favorite characters? 

It’s never gonna happen. But that doesn’t mean we can’t dream. In an effort to realize that dream, one fan put together a mash-up video for the ages, pitting Marvel’s Avengers and a bunch of other characters (oh, hello there Ghost Rider) against the cream of the DC Comics crop. 

Batman goes up against Spider-Man, Wonder Woman takes on the Hulk, and Superman finally has an opponent worth fighting in the Asgardian demigod, Thor.

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There are so many iconic heroes that it’s tough to keep up with all the characters who make appearances. 

The trailer was created by a YouTuber named Alex Luthor. He’s also responsible for the incredible fan cut of the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, which doesn’t even have an official trailer yet. 

Screengrab via MarvelEntertainment/YouTube

Sarah Weber

Sarah Weber

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